16 February, 2011

Special Someones by Victoria at www.perfectgiftboxes.co.uk

They can be men, women, or even your pet!

Often the hardest people to buy gifts for are the ones closest to you. So much pressure. Am I spending enough? Will they like it? Is it their style? Your head could explode with what they will think of your gift.

Personalised Lips & Cherry Cocktail Glass

People often ask me, what do you think about when choosing what products to put on your website? My main answer is that I don’t have anything that my friends and family wouldn’t want for themselves. I take a lot of my friends and family’s thoughts on what they would like when deciding what other people want for their friends and family. I also think that the stereotypical gifts should stay too such as personalised glasses and baby bouquets for new babies. Traditional gifts are still so very very popular and most people love them! Everyone has that silver Money Box for the Christening gift or silver picture frame. These are simplistic, stylish and beautiful gifts that are timeless classics.

Mum and Baby Twins Tin
 Gadgets and toys are pushing through now for the men in our lives and I know my man would quite happily have every techy gadget under the sun in our house. These make great quirky gifts for men!

Shots Gun
 So the next time you don’t know what to get for that ‘special someone’ pop over to my website and see what my friends and family love!

See you soon. Love, Victoria x

Victoria is a mum of 2 boys age 7 and 2 and lives with her husband, David, in Cheshire.
She runs her business http://www.perfectgiftboxes.co.uk/ fulltime from her office in Crewe town centre.
Victoria loves a good natter especially about gifty things so if you are looking for ideas for your next gift give her a call or visit her website http://www.perfectgiftboxes.co.uk/ for lots of inspiration (and fabulous customer service too!)

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