24 March, 2010

The perfect Charlie and Lola party!

About Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola is available on Cbeebies in UK and Disney Channel in America.

The program tells the story of how siblings Charlie and Lola navigate through life through imaginative storytelling, quirky images and fun music.

Charlie and Lola live in a flat in London with their parents. Their parents are not animated in the program however the kids frequently refer to them throughout the program.

Charlie and Lola have a number of friends. Charlie's best friend is Marv Lowe and they often take Marvs dog, Sizzles to the park and play football alot too. Lola's best friend is a lively little girl called Lotta. They love to play at each others houses and they are in the same class at school.

Lola also has an imaginary friend called Soren Lorenson. Soren Lorenson is a real mischief maker that only Lola can see and interact with. In the program he is animated as an almost see through character. He appears to be a male version of Lola and looks so much like her they could be twins.

A Charlie and Lola party is ideal for pre-schoolers and appeals to both boys and girls a like.

We have gathered some of our favourite ideas for creating a lovely party for your little Charlie and Lola fan. Hope you like them!


Crafty arty people may like this idea!

Line draw the characters onto a sheet of A4 paper, take up as much space as possible. Water colour the clothes etc.

When dry scan the image as a .jpg file on your computer (a good mail box depot like Mailboxes etc will be able to scan things and put them on CD for a small fee if you don’t have this at home.

Use the scanned image in Microsoft Publisher to create the cover for an invite, you could make a folded card or a postcard is a nice easy invite to design.

Of course if that’s just too fiddly or you just simply haven’t the time you can also buy them.

Decoration ideas!
Use pink construction paper to make a giant staircase and attach it to a wall. Surround the staircase with butterflies made simply from 2 large and 2 small tear shapes of pretty, colourful wallpaper samples.

Copy the Charlie and Lola characters on to large sheets of paper and colour them with poster paints – don’t forget Soren Lorenson, Lotta, Marv and Sizzles!

To create Soren Lorenson instead of copying the outine on paper try painting or drawing with a permanent marker onto a large sheet of cellophane wrap which is available to buy by the metre from all good florists.

Charlie and Lola party plates, cups and napkins are available from online shops. Also available are invites, thank you notes, party bags and table covers.

Activity ideas!

Lola's Music Box:
Lola loves to use her imagination. Have a big brown wooden box and label it “Lola’s musical instruments” inside place saucepans, wooden spoons, bottles filled with dry rice and pasta, the plastic trays from inside sweet and biscuit boxes and other everyday household items that make interesting noises.

Colouring in fun:
Print out some colouring in sheets (enough for 3 different designs per child) and lay themout on a table with wax crayons to colour in. Ensure that there is 1 small packet of wax crayons per child (6 in a pack). You could even stick them to the pink staircase decoration with sticky tape when they are finished.

Party Food ideas!

To eat:
Traditional cold party fayre is the order of the day – Think sausage rolls, Fox’s Party Rings, cupcakes and small triangular ham or cheese sandwiches.

To drink:

Pink Milk
Most young children would probably like water or cordial to drink at the party food table and Pink Milk could be served as part of the sweet course.

Lola’s favourite drink is Pink Milk and it’s easy to make a healthy version without the need for red food colouring or rocket fuel such as Grenadine!

To make a 250ml cup take a glass of milk and put in a blender. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and approx 100g strawberries. Whiz the ingredients in the blender for a minute or so until all ingredients are combined. This is a really easy recipe to make more just multiply the ingredients by the number of cups you want. One 250ml serving should be plenty for 2 paper party cups.

Ideas for Games!

Pin the mask on Batcat
Bat cat is Charlie and Lola’s favourite cartoon super hero – you could either play pin the tail on bat cat or pin the mask on bat cat.

Pin the lead on Sizzles
You could play pin the lead on Sizzles. Marv Lowe is Charlie’s best friend and he has a dachshund called Sizzles. In “We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog" Lola and Lotta are charged with looking after Sizzles and loose him when he comes off his lead at the park.

Make a picture of a sausage dog on a sheet of A1 paper, and make a lead, back it with some sticky blue tack. Blindfold each child, turn them around 3 times then have them try to attach the lead back onto Sizzles collar. The winner is the child that gets their lead closest to the collar.

Lola Says
This game is the same as Simon Says except you shout Lola Says instead of Simon Says.

Other traditional party games are good fun such as Musical Statues and pass the parcel.

Play “The Bestest in the Barn” throughout this is a compilation of all the Charlie & Lola songs including the theme. Released in 2007 it includes "The Bestest in the Barn", "Sizzles", "Batcat" and "It's Snowing".

Read a favourite Charlie and Lola story out loud to the children. Sit on a chair and have the kids sit around you. Hold up the book facing the kids so they can see the pictures as you read. Charlie and Lola stories are typically short with lots of engaging pictures to hold the attention of especially younger guests.

Party bags:
Fillers can include: Wooden animal yoyos, anything with butterflies and ladybirds on, curly straws, seed packets, mini note pad and crayons.

Thank you notes:
If you made the invites yourself use the same template, change the wording and keep the picture (or watercolour new pictures for the thank you notes).

We hope these ideas are helpful.

Enjoy your Charlie and Lola party – please do let us know how you go with your party!

Yours colourfully, Angela x

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