15 April, 2010

Animal Party Ideas

Animal parties are lots of fun!
Heres some party tips and ideas to get you started:
Four Corners.

The more people you have for this game, the better (more than ten, preferably). Find a room with four corners, and number them one to four (make sure everyone playing knows what corner is what number). Pick one child to be 'it' and blindfold them, then have everyone run to a corner (any corner, but make sure people split up). The kid known as 'it' calls out a number from one to four. The people in that corner are all out, then everyone scatters to another corner, or stays in the same one (it's okay to go to the corner that was just called, but it might get called again, so watch out!). Play like this until one person remains, or everyone is out. It's fun and exhilarating, especially if you're a youngster. To make this suitable for an animal themed party have each corner named like cats, dogs, horses, tigers etc to suit your theme.

Who am I?

Write a different animal on a postit note and stick em to their foreheads as they arrive.

the children have to guess their animal by asking questions.

A great ice breaker for any party - even for grownups!

Birthday food

Serve a picnic - sandwiches cut into triangles, mini cocktail sausages, cold pizza slices, sausage rolls etc with cartons of juice. Follow with cupcakes and biscuits.

Set out picnic blankets and cushions on the floor and sprinkle confetti around.


Use light and dark green streamers either attached from the ceiling or from the floor and against a wall. This would be good for jungle parties (from ceiling) and for underwater parties (from the floor and attached up a wall).

Make giant butterflies from wall paper samples and cut out monkey shapes from brown cardboard.

Hope these tips are useful for your next animal themed party. Let us know if you use any and if you send us a picture we will feature it!

Yours colourfully, Angela x

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